Gym Peeps

Restarting my #fitlifestyle in our condo’s mini gym has been exhilarating and very convenient. I am enjoying the hour and half sans baby where I can listen to great music and bask in the euphoria of released endorphins BUT I can’t help but miss the conventional public ‘gym’. Prior to having my baby, every gym … Continue reading Gym Peeps


Working out has been an exercise in futility, Deji thinks to himself. Ha! Another pun, he chuckles out loudly. He has a bizarre knack of seeking out puns in day to day dialogue with himself and others. He knows he should be more upset but he just can’t. If anything, the whole thing seems laughable. … Continue reading Legs


There are many reasons why I chose to begin exercising. Aside the pleasing aesthetics of sculpted muscles (to some) and the evident health benefits of a fit lifestyle, in 2018 when I first started, it was mostly important for me to see what my once underweight, skinny and frail body was capable of. I was … Continue reading Strength