Waxing in 2023 & major lesson from 2022

Call me Fifi the futuristic babe and mama because before 2023 was here, I was already in it as of December 2022. I had already begun living out my ‘new year resolutions’ and learning from the gong show of early to mid-2022. I was fully in mommy mode, focused on writing & career improvement, was working out 6 days out of the week, changed my diet and lost 10lbs in three weeks, cut down on social media consumption (I mean it’s so time-consuming) and I hid myself in the bosom of the Lord.

The major lesson of 2022 was the importance of my thought life. If you have never read “Battlefield of the mind” by Joyce Meyer, I’ll encourage you to. I’ll summarize this book simply as “As a man thinketh, so is he” Proverbs 23:7. The effects our thoughts have on the kind of life we live is very often underestimated and more times than not, never really considered. What you think of yourself, your talents, your physique, your future all spills out and becomes your reality. Going forward, consciously think about what you are thinking of and change it if you know it is not in line with the truth of who you are in the eyes, word and heart of the Creator.

On that note, also call me Fifi the Enjoyment Babe & Mama because living a stress-free, soft life is the goal all of 2023. I intend to savour every experience and moment with my family, food, drink, SLEEP, beautiful people, and places. One of my minor stressors is body hair and the frequency of shaving and using hair removal cream. So, though in my early 30s, I decided to try a full body wax for the first time (lol)! Now listen, if your pain tolerance is below bottom, avoid. I have a high pain tolerance, so it was a good experience overall for me and very bearable. The main pain points were behind the knees, the bikini area and the threading of the very sensitive upper lip.

My wax lady (yeah, she’s mine now because I am sold) is a beautiful, passionate lady of Asian origins. I have never met a person so in love with smooth skin like her. The way she oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed as she moisturized my skin afterwards was HILARIOUS. This lady waxed me like a rotund chicken is defeathered. There was no hair left. I was G.L.I.S.T.E.N.I.N.G. You could see a person’s reflection in my thighs, ok. Even the fuzz on my toes were removed with a vengeance. No hair was left standing! Why it took me this long to try waxing, I’d never know. I have never felt so smooth and exfoliated in all my life and three weeks later, I am still hairless.

On that note, Happy 2023 to you all and goodbye 2022, shaving sticks/cream and hair removal creams. You shan’t be missed.

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