Gym Peeps

Restarting my #fitlifestyle in our condo’s mini gym has been exhilarating and very convenient. I am enjoying the hour and half sans baby where I can listen to great music and bask in the euphoria of released endorphins BUT I can’t help but miss the conventional public ‘gym’. Prior to having my baby, every gym visit was another introduction to different people who viewed the gym as either a place to reach fitness goals and/or more. There are 6 kinds of people I miss seeing so far (P.S: This is not meant to judge or shame anyone. It is all in good fun based on my observations.)

  1. The shy and insecure: They come in quietly and unsure of themselves. For the most part, the very skinny or obese tend to fall into this category. Typically, their shoulders are slouched and they tend to look for an isolated and dark area of the gym to workout. When I first started out (being very skinny), this was me. I was certain I looked silly and my form was crap. I was also wary of anyone with a phone whipped out as I was sure I would be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for laughs.
  2. The Peacocks: In sharp contrast to the shy, the peacocks are the VERY FIT with little to no body fat either being very toned in a slender way or hugely muscular. My husband is probably the chairman of this group as he falls into the latter. The peacocks tend to be intimidating to the shy and exert a lot of confidence. They strut the gym like they own the place, speak loudly, guzzle their concoction liquids aggressively and grunt like it’s their bedroom. Based on all aforementioned, they typically always get their way when it comes to gym machine use.
  3. The screamers and throwers: Most peacocks fall into this group but there are also other individuals who are neither fit nor performing the exercises properly who fall into this group.They tend to lift heavy and consequently ‘scream’ from the strain. Not surprising, as they round up their reps, the weights get dropped/thrown forcefully and loudly on the floor.
  4. The booty exercisers: Young girls make up the majority of this group. They wear the tightest, sometimes-see-through, super high waisted pants that hug the glutes to the point of near strangulation. When they turn around, camel toes like never seen before are on full display. Their exercises of choice are solely glute bridges and non-ending squats. The upper body doesn’t exist to them. It’s a ‘cheeks’ life.
  5.  The chatterboxes/relationship seekers: They come in solely to make friends. For an hour session, they spend 45 minutes walking around and speaking to all and sundry. If you indulge them, you’ll end up not getting a good workout session.
  6. The serious: They come in with time restrictions and no smiles on their faces. Their body language gives off a ‘I don’t care about anyone’s perception of me’. They work out hard and hurriedly and leave without looking back.

What other ‘group’ of gym peeps have you noticed and don’t comment ‘observers’ – who are people like me who observe everyone to write about. Lol.

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