2020: Not so bad

A lot of woes can be lain at the feet of 2020 and rightfully so. However, as tragic as the year has been in many ways, 2020 taught (hopefully) each of us life changing lessons. Lessons of gratitude, of contentment, of vision, and of faith.

2020 made crystal clear the importance of family and friends amidst the prevailing illusions of perfection splattered across social media platforms. With the emergence of a pandemic, we all had the unique opportunity to stop, breathe, pray and take account of what truly matters. The bizarreness of 2020 afforded us quiet time for self-discovery. What a privilege!

2020 illustrated the power within each of us – made impregnable when we unite as one voice. Never have I been prouder of my generation as much as I was during the Black Lives Matter movement, the EndSARs movement and the massive turnout during the 2020 US election.

Personally, I witnessed a lot of failure in 2020. I changed jobs and sulked at unanswered prayers BUT like you reading this, I am alive. In the grand scheme of things, that is the biggest blessing of all.

2021 is going to be great. Believe it as I do. Happy New Year!

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