Happy International Day of the Girl Child!

With the ongoing protests in Nigeria and my preoccupation with remaining informed of all the happenings, somehow I missed the celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child. “This international observance day of October 11 was declared by the United Nations to support more opportunity for girls and increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender” (source: Wikipedia)

Once a girl child, I know first-hand some of the realities of growing up female in a patriarchal, traditional society. However, I am not ignorant of my privilege – which is having educated, well travelled middle-class parents. For others who aren’t so lucky, being a girl equates to invalidation, unimportance, voicelessness and existence solely for future procreation and subjugation in every sphere.

Thankfully, there are breakthroughs happening with education and awareness allowing the girl child opportunities and access like never before. The work is far from been done, however. As an adult man or woman, do not raise children that base their relevance in society on their genitalia. Whether boy or girl, the child matters. Like the boy child, the girl child is beautiful, strong, matters and should always be protected. Happy International Day of the Girl Child in arrears!

Pictures taken from Pinterest.

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