Musings on a rainy Vancouver day

It’s cold but not too cold. It’s wet outside and very much so. The rain continually pours and the clouds get darker and I remain seated, alone on my sofa, reminiscing on the summer days: pre-COVID, pre-marriage and pre-real life adult struggles. Summer days when I could travel and excitedly relish counting the stamps in my passport. Summer days when I exhibited fake outrage at the stamps being placed in the pages of my passport so un-uniformly.

Days I could chit chat away to my sisters about the contrast between Americans and Canadians – the brashness of the former and the politeness of the latter. Days I could see the similarities between our former colonial masters ‘the British’ and the nation of Nigeria. Oh summer days. I’ll miss you so and relish our past moments together until we see again, hopefully in 2021.

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