Just another day in Vancouver

24. That’s the number of years I have been dependent on prescription glasses and contacts. With a rigorous fit life and the use of face masks in public spaces, glasses have become more restrictive. For the longest time, I have considered elective eye correction and I proceeded to book a free consultation with one of the LASIK MD offices.

The train rides to my consultation reminded me of the obvious changes around us, thanks to the pandemic. Never would I have thought that I would miss the annoying, crowded sky trains and the beautiful people, of all shapes, sizes and nationalities, bumping into and leaning on me.

On arriving the clinic for my consultation, I underwent the first-half of a barrage of eye tests by a charismatic, spectacled technician. As he explained and performed the tests, I knew I was staring. Staring at his glasses! My brain was performing cartwheels. Why am I here to potentially have corrective eye surgery in future and an employee, who is well versed in the procedure, its benefits and risks is four eyed like me.

It reminded me of my experiences with dentists with very imperfect and stained dentition performing teeth whitening procedures or overweight fitness trainers going ham at their clients. The irony of it all was too much for me and I blurted out “I hope you don’t mind me asking but why haven’t you opted for LASIK seeing as you work here?“. Thankfully, he smiled letting me know he expected this line of questioning and explained his ineligibility.

After an informative hour and a half, I idly walked through the beautiful downtown Vancouver with admiration in my heart. Not surprisingly, my legs took me to the bookstore where I bought some books and afterwards headed to the gym for some good-ol’ calorie burning – despite not feeling up to it but we don’t quit over here!

So tell me: have you ever had elective eye corrective surgery? How was the experience? What do you miss the most since the onset of the pandemic and what are you looking forward to doing once it’s over (hopefully)?

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