One superficial advantage of my African Hubs

In my single, dating years, I was always busy in the bathroom during spring and summer. Busy shaving! …because, you see, I am super hairy and the culture around hair on women in Canada is a big no no! Ironically, even during winter, I couldn’t live my best, hairy life in peace because my white brother-in-law would come visiting with the rest of the family and act all traumatized at the sight of my body hair (deep sigh).

After many years of dating that never ended in marriage, I reconnected with my old friend, who is now my husband, when I visited my home country. I was shaved to the gods on all our dates. Chin hair, knuckles hair, underarms hair, legs hair…all gone, thanks to many, mannnnyyy razor sticks and tubes of Veet.

But you see, I also suffered from in-grown hair that formed visible and painful bumps. One day, as I applied generous amounts of Veet on my chin to remove my facial hair, my husband casually says ‘you know I don’t care about hair. It doesn’t bother me’. Oh the joy! The freedom! If there is one thing I am super grateful about marrying my African hunk, it is this. P.S: Grooming is necessary. Don’t be nasty! lol. What are your thoughts and experiences with the culture of body hair in North America?

All illustrations taken from: Buzzfeed

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