You just met

I was there the moment he cheated on me. I witnessed the very second he made the decision. Cheating bastard!” Aila exclaims as she snacks on her chips furiously while fixated on the reality show playing on the TV. It has been two years since her last relationship crashed but this show was a surprise trigger reigniting all of the hurt she thought she had rid herself of.

I really don’t get it!” Aila rants out loud as though the characters in the show can hear her. “You just met her, dude, and you have a WHOLE fiancee on the outside!” Aila’s seethes as flashbacks of the wedding flood her. Two years ago, she had been excited to attend the wedding with her long-time boyfriend. They had been so busy with grad school that an outing together was overly welcome. They had been introduced to a couple of the bride’s friends and she had seen something twinkle in her boyfriend’s eyes when he shook the hand of the lady in green. The introduction had been so brief that lady in green’s name wasn’t heard or remembered.

At the wedding reception, Aila’s boyfriend had picked a fight with her and she had taken a cab home rather than ride home in his car. A few hours later, Aila had taken an Uber to her boyfriend’s apartment wanting to make up. A turn of her keys, the gentle opening of the door, a mischievous smile plastered on her face, Aila instead sees the lady in green from the wedding – except this time, she’s not in green but in the skin she was born in. “You just met” is all Aila can mutter in disbelief and hurt.

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