There are many reasons why I chose to begin exercising. Aside the pleasing aesthetics of sculpted muscles (to some) and the evident health benefits of a fit lifestyle, in 2018 when I first started, it was mostly important for me to see what my once underweight, skinny and frail body was capable of. I was far from athletic. I was the definition of stiff and though underweight, most of my joints, especially my knee, hurt.

In 2 years, my body has exceeded my expectations of it. Not surprisingly, by consistently respecting my body through my food choices, by showing it love and truly seeing it as a temple, it has continued to exude strength where once weakness was commonplace.C6790D6D-D47A-4E2D-B5BB-8CF96CD3C5D4Interestingly, it has also improved my mental health by replacing depressive states with positive moods and giving me a sense of euphoria. As Buddha is quoted as saying: “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear”.

I guess all of this is to say: give your body a chance and try moving today, no matter how little. You’ll thank yourself for it. Remember, everyone is on their own journey. Focus on you and move at your own pace. Good luck!


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