Weigh your words

Daily, we are bombarded with lots of imagery via social media platforms. This new-age of sharing is so different from what I, personally, am used to. More than ever before, you are somewhat granted access to people you’d not ordinarily meet. With such access comes a lot of advantages and also a lot of disadvantages. More accessibility = probability of abuse. Abuse of privacy. Expectations. Abuse of words. Overwhelming scrutiny. Criticism etc. It’s not surprising that mentally, people are becoming more fragile and prone to suicidal ideation.

The barrier our cellphones pose as, between our words and the object of our comments, gives the commenter a false sense of protection and removal from the effect their unpleasant words/trolling have. Recently, I started reading my Bible from the beginning, as well as reading my books on Sufism (practiced by the mystics of Islam), which I find so insightful, and I came across the below quote from Kabir, which applies to both spoken and written words in every sphere of life – both offline and online.

Speech is priceless

if you speak it with knowledge. 

Weigh it with the scales of the heart

before it comes from the mouth.


‘Lips’ Featured image by: Winckler Noah.

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