Living severally

I can’t remember the first book I read but I remember how it felt…oh what a thrill it was! Thankfully, I have parents that invested in my childhood interests. They bought me many books, made available pen and paper and at the age of 12, bought me a manual typewriter to encourage my love of reading and writing.

Such a joy it is to savour the words on pages and to smell the scent of paper. How sexy the written word truly is. How awe-inspiring it is to read and become teleported into the minds of the authors and the varying, possible experiences – whether intended or prone to manipulation by the reader. All these feelings are at the surface within me, prone to boiling over, because I just finished the book ‘Freshwater’ by Akwaeke Emezi. It is different. It certainly riles up feelings in me of a traditional and spiritual kind that seeks to revolt against the narrative but ironically, its ability to do so makes it powerful and worth cracking open.238A162D-4C82-4B5B-BEDC-37BE28297EAD

In continued support of Black writers and creators, see next slide for the book I am reading next. I trust it’ll be a good one.


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