Have yours!

The awesome thing about having a wealth of dating experiences is the possibility of (hopefully) noticing flaws that stick out like a sore thumb. From my experience and the experiences of some of the women that have been around me, there is a tendency for us to give our all in relationships – so much so that we become blinded to blazing, red flags.

In my marriage, I have to constantly remind myself to look at the persons of my mother and aunties as great examples of financial and emotional wisdom. It is common knowledge that many women in abusive marriages stay in these situations because they have no accessible money or source of independent, earned income. My husband earns enough for me to choose not to work and as attractive as it seems, I know there is a dignity and respect that comes with having your own no matter how small.

Like the Malagasy proverb above states, even in love, you must have a semblance of consciousness to see what’s going on around you – though we don’t hope to have rainy, gloomy days.

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