Date afternoon with myself

I had made plans two weeks ago to visit the VanDusen Botanical gardens with another individual but last minute, my would-have-been companion couldn’t make it. I had two choices: stay home or go out alone. I chose the latter and I am glad I did. Armed with my face mask and big bottle of sanitizer (#staysafe), I walked through the garden, filled with beautiful greenery and flowers. Doing this on a sunny Saturday was akin to the peace and calmness that the year 2020 has lacked thus far.

As seen once you exit the visitor centre of the garden
A Chinese Palm tree. Looks just like the palm trees that grow in West Africa

After exploring for 2 hours, I took myself to my favourite restaurant and imbibed some wine and a juicy burger (hello cheat day!). It was such a zen day and it reminded me of my single years when I’d go out to see movies by myself or dine in restaurants alone.  To many, I may have looked pitiful but sometimes, we all need to spend some time with our inner man – reflecting and enjoying the quiet of our minds.

Treating myself to ‘bad’ food 🙂

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