Daddy – A blessing

As a child, I had zero fear of my father. What I had for him was true love. As an adult, that love matured into admiration and an unwavering respect for the great man that he is. Growing up, my dad was, and still is, the perfect gentleman. He is kind, soft spoken, slow to anger and very sweet. He never spanked or hit us and he always came home from work bearing gifts/snacks – which our mother confiscated (LOL). He is the first man I ever did see cry freely when watching an emotional movie.

Although from a generation where patriarchy is the norm, my father provided for us with his 9-5 job but still assisted my mother in cooking, cleaning, fetching water, pounding, washing clothes, ironing and did all these with a smile. My mother did not have to break her back trying to fit the expectations of what an African wife and mother should be. I’ll never forget the disapproving look on the faces of his extended family members when they’d visit and find my dad, whistling and singing, while performing a domestic chore.

God knew that we would be a family of mostly girls and He, in His perfection, knew to bless us with an earthly father that understands and respects femininity in all its presentations. We never saw our father disrespect or raise his voice at our mother. Instead, we saw him pray for her and for us daily. Because of his respect for our mother and his exemplary Christianity, we had such a healthy and happy childhood. Not many individuals can say this about their fathers but I can – not just because it’s Father’s day but because it’s the truth. I pray that our present generation of fathers will be like my father – perhaps even better – and reflect love, softness, protection and kindness in raising the next generation. Happy Father’s day to my special daddy, my sweet husband (who will be the father of my unborn children) and to all good Fathers around the world.


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