Day dreams

If, like me, you have been browsing through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you are bound to feel like I do…DRAINED. It has been an unending bombardment of overly, available triggering content ranging from issues of racism to sexual assault.

Rather than continue to let myself feel upset and in many ways helpless, I dream of change. I dream of my sons and daughters. I see myself having wholesome conversations with them. Teaching them to love themselves as they are – regardless of what society tags   ‘beautiful’. I see myself exemplifying in my words and actions how they are to extend that self-love to others by tolerating, understanding and respecting.

I see myself teaching my sons the importance of boundaries. To understand what ‘no’ means and to never think that there are any justifications for rape and sexual assault. I see myself reminding my sons that domestic chores are not the forte of the opposite sex but rather a necessity and life skill for all. I see myself encouraging my daughters to reach for the stars and to know that having a vagina doesn’t equal weakness in any sphere of life. Never has it been said that physical and emotional weakness is the forte of womanhood. It’s all been very exhausting these past few weeks but I do look forward to making a change in the next generation.

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