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Happy Sunday!

I started my day really early – spending time in worship with God and working out right afterwards. As important as it is to feed our inner man and soul with positive affirmations, it is equally important to take care of our physical bodies with healthy food choices and exercise. I often find that I have become a broken record to many around me but the truth doesn’t change to suit any one’s comfort.

Too often, I read about some people passing away from issues that might have been avoided with healthier life choices. We only have one body. We need to respect it. Honour it. Protect it and cherish it. Take this era of COVID-19 to meditate, to sleep a little better, pray, take walks, progress to power walks, maybe jog and who knows, run!


Hubs and I power walk 5km every other day and work out with weights and/or household items in the comfort of our home. I’ll like to encourage anyone who might see this post to make the effort to move today. Don’t procrastinate and ‘schedule’ it for a day in the future. The time is now!

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