Relief = Pineapple cake

The mind’s an interesting thing. If you are anything like me, then you are overly observant, particular and aware of the minutest changes in you or around you. To give an example, as I brushed my teeth meticulously, one fine morning early last year, I noticed a small black spot on  one of my molars. I panicked and thought it was a cavity beginning to form. Luckily my dental cleaning was scheduled for 2 weeks from the day. However, for every single day of the 2 weeks, I felt painful aches in that tooth. I refused to chew using that side of my mouth and brushed thrice daily. On the day of my dental cleaning, the dentist informed me there were no cavities and the black spot was just a stain. Suffice to say, the imaginary tooth ache instantly disappeared.

Recently, I have expectations of a few things and as a consequence, I have been seeing signs every where that seemingly allude to the manifestation of these expectations. My mind’s at it again. Experience has taught me that this only leads to great disappointments when things don’t pan out the way I’ll like. So, I have been trying to keep busy. Thankfully, my corporate job is very challenging and time consuming and on the rare occasion that I have a little time to myself, I spend it doing things I love: cuddles with the hubs, reading, cooking and baking. Baking, I find, is one of the greatest stress reliever for me. The manual whisking, the folding, mixing and moulding of dough or cake batter requires physical strength and mental attention.

The below is a yummy piece of pineapple cake I made as stress relief and tummy pleasure 🙂



2 thoughts on “Relief = Pineapple cake

  1. Exercising is always great thing to do. Doctors recommend that a person should get exercises in. For me I do HIIT training and been doing it for a couple of years. I do for it an hour six days a week. But now I changed it to five days. To give my body rest.

    Have you heard of Bang and Bodycombat? They are the classes I take. If you ever get a chance to do either one you should investigate it.

    Have a bless day and keep up with your exercises.


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