Day #42 of Staying at home

It’s been six weeks. Six weeks of staying home. Six weeks of working remotely, working out, eating, sleeping and doing it all over again the next day. At first, it didn’t seem so bad but as with anything done routinely, it gets old over time. Restlessness and a sort of ‘cabin fever’ sets in.

Most of us had grand plans for this summer.I was going to visit all the beaches in beautiful Vancouver and re-visit the city of New York and Las Vegas in the United States. Alas! Here we all are. Cooped up in our various homes beckoning to the Lord to put an end to this pandemic. 


I do hope we don’t let the lessons of this pandemic go over our heads. We must let it teach us that we don’t have life, as it is, within our control. We can only strive, plan, wish, hope, believe and anticipate but we cannot change or make anything BE. So, I have kicked restlessness to the curb and I intentionally reminiscence about the beauty of the ‘outside’ as I remember it. I have been reading books (current read is ‘The Handmaid’s Tale) and letting my imagination take me to all the places I would have physically been in this summer: the warm beaches, the modern cities with towering skyscrapers surrounded by blinding lights with the sound of buzzing life all around.


How’s your stay at home going?





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