30, fearless and fabulous!

I LOVE this picture. It reflects a stage of life I had yearned to one day get to. No, not necessarily the engagement ring and wedding band on my ring finger. Definitely not me seated in a wedding dress beside my groom – a fantastic, handsome bloke – surrounded by my dearest family members and friends on the celebration of our 2 years wedding anniversary. These are all unquantifiable blessings for which I am profoundly grateful for. Rather and most importantly, this picture showcases the contentment and confidence of a renewed and reassured Self hidden in my masked smile.

On November 16, 2019, I had the ceremony of my dreams. An intimate, quick and stress-free ceremony I promised myself years ago when girls dreamed Cinderella-like dreams. I did not want the hype or glamour. I did not review wedding magazines, blogs or pages (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that) but my point is – I did what I wanted, how I wanted. No pressure, no people pleasing and no concern about the aesthetics. It was all about love, laughter and dining.

As I watched my dream become a reality, I made a promise to myself to be ME always. I made a promise to be kinder to ME, to discard fear and to heed to my intuition and the whisper of God’s spirit nudging me to take a chance with myself. I have obeyed. To take away fear from Fifi is to free the shy but oh-so-talented writer that I am. So here I am at 30: fearless and fabulous!


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